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Lifestyle 3 years ago

my top purchases of 2021


HAPPY 2022 Y’ALL!!! I don’t know about you but I COULD NOT be more excited for a new year! Every January I always put together a blog post rounding up my FAVORITE purchases (or finds or investments) from the previous year and it’s always one of mine (and y’alls) favorite posts every year! So, let’s get into it!

favorites in fashion + jewelry

louis vuitton bumbag

Honestly I am SHOCKED at how much I ended up loving this bag! I love the all black because it looks so chic and because it goes with everything. I actually did an entire review on the bag here if you are interested in that! This was one of my best purchases last year because it was probably in my top 3 MOST worn bags of the entire year. It holds a surprising amount of things, goes with everything, and can be dressed up or down.

jeffery campbell dagger western boots

Western boots are a huge trend right now but I think it’s safe to say in Texas they will always be a trend. I love this pair I found at Nordstrom and ended up getting SO much use out of them this fall in winter. I wear them with jeans and dresses and they are super comfortable!

abercrombie high rise dad jeans

The Abercrombie dad jeans were probably my #1 most worn pair of jeans these past year and they are under $100. Whenever I’m having one of those ‘I hate how everything looks’ type of days…I know I can always count on my dad jeans lol. They are high waisted and have a relaxed fit but they’re still super flattering! I own at least 3 pair now.

lunya silk pajama set

I splurged on lunya pajamas in march last year…and ended up buying 4 more sets throughout the year because they are pretty much ALL I sleep in now! They are a washable silk too so you can just throw them in the wash with the rest of your laundry! (Just lay flat to dry). I love how luxurious they feel but you also don’t sweat in them!

golden goose stardan sneakers

I have a lot of golden goose sneakers and this pair is definitely a favorite and probably my most worn pair! I love the all white because they go with everything, and they are super comfortable! I also think the shape / style of them is really unique!

louis vuitton coussins bag

Okay prior to this year I honestly was not a HUGE LV fan. And then when I spotted the Coussins bag in early 2021, it instantly went on my wishlist. I loved it so much I ended up buying a second color about a month ago (Michael actually surprised / gifted it to me). I’ll probably do an entire blog post review on this bag but it’s quickly become one of my favorite designer purchases ever. I love that the wider strap can detach to make the bag a little bit dressier. I’ve worn it with sweatpants and with cocktail dresses and I love how much it holds! It’s such a chic, beautiful, classic bag but also perfect for everyday!

favorites in beauty + skincare

skin pharm skincare products

you can click the collage below to shop in the LTK app!


So Skin Pharm opening in Dallas might be one of the best things that happened to be in 2021 LOL. It has not only become my go-to location for anything skin related [microneedling, botox / fillers, gold infusion, etc] but I have also fallen IN LOVE with their skin care products and swear they have transformed my skin this year! I would say 85% of my skincare routine is skin pharm. I love that their products are medical-grade (so, VERY effective) but also simple and easy to use and easy to understand what you’re actually applying and why it’s beneficial. I linked my entire routine in the collage above!


Michael gave this to me last March for my birthday and it is now a MUST HAVE in my hair routine. I don't know how I ever lived without it. Most days I don't even curl my hair (and I never straighten it) because this round brush attachment makes my hair so smooth and straight. It also has a curl attachment so you can dry and curl your hair at the same time. (And it takes very little time). It's pricy but worth every penny IMO!

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Prior to finding this face wash...I didn't really have a 'favorite' face wash. They all kinda seemed the same time. And then I found this one. It's a face wash that also exfoliates + brightens all at the same time without drying your skin out. It took my skin a few days to 'adjust' to it, and now I feel like my skin has never looked smoother or large part because of this face wash!

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This is a new-ish skincare product for me (been using it for probably 2 months now) and will now be a staple in my routine for forever. I've never found a serum before that specifically targets congested pores which is probably my #1 skincare concern! This helps with small bumps on your face, helps clear + prevent breakouts, and also makes the overall texture of your skin so smooth. I'm obsessed!

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I discovered this self tanner fall 2021 and was obsessed from the first time I used it. I've tried out countless self tanners and love so many things about this one. First of all, it can get you REALLY tan if that's what you're going for, but still looks very natural. I also love that it doesn't have a scent at all. It dries almost instantly so none of it rubs off on your clothes! Y'all can use code LKSGLOW for 10% off!

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I discovered this serum early 2021 and have now gone through 3 bottles of it over the course of the year! This is my favorite tinted moisturizer on no makeup or light makeup type of days. It has SPF in it, gives a light natural coverage (that you can build) and also has ingredients in it that are great for your skin like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide!

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I splurged on this perfume during cyber week because I found it 15% off and HOLY MOLY. IT IS AMAZING. I love how unique the scent is - doesn't smell like your typical girly flowery perfume. Almost has like a woodsy type of scent? It's expensive but a little bit goes a long way. You can spray one spray of it in the morning and you'll smell it for the rest of the day! Anytime I wear this I get compliments on it!

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favorites in health and wellness + fitness

nutrafol hair supplement

I started taking nutrafol in July 2021 right before getting my hair extensions out and it is hands down the most effective hair growth supplement I have ever used. First of all, it’s made from natural ingredients and it’s dermatologist approved. So you don’t have to worry about weird side effects or breakouts. After using it consistently for about 6 weeks I noticed my hair was growing so much faster and after 2 months my hair felt SO much longer and thicker. I still take it everyday because it’s packed with amazing vitamins in it like vitamin a, c and d, zinc, biotin and more.

corepower yoga



Michael and I joined Corepower Yoga back in 2017 when we were living in Boulder, CO and both fell in love with their sculpt class. After I got pregnant with Shiloh I stopped going and then we moved to Dallas and there wasn’t one super close to my house so I kinda forgot about it haha. But in 2021 I knew I wanted to start incorporating way more low impact workouts & yoga into my routine so I rejoined and omg y’all the obsession is real. If Corepower was closer to my house I think I would go 5 days a week haha. Sculpt is such an incredible, full body workout and also so good for my mind – truly helps calm + center me. I love that it’s low impact but also strength training and you get a little cardio too. Everything you want out of a workout, in one workout. I’ve had to take a break while we are going through IVF but I can’t wait to go back.


Okay wow. I read This Naked Mind in April of this past year and I think it has forever changed my perspective on / relationship with alcohol. I actually gave up alcohol entirely for a big chunk of 2021 and this book really helped me see how alcohol really wasn't serving me well and why that was. I went back to drinking moderately later in the year but my relationship with alcohol is completely different now. I went from having a glass or two of wine 5ish nights a having a glass maybe once a week and just not really caring about it at all which is CRAZY for me. I could go into way more detail but if you feel like alcohol hasn't really been serving you well...I definitely encourage you to read this book. I made Michael read it too haha.

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cloudnova sneakers

These shoes were actually one of my top selling items in 2021 (and probably my most worn sneaker last year!). I am OBSESSED with how they look. They are my go-to for all athleisure outfits – whether I’m wearing leggings or joggers. Going for walks, running errands etc. They are SO insanely comfortable and have such a chic + elevated look to them (hence why I bought in two colors!).

stanley travel 40oz tumbler

I finally decided to try out this water bottle after everyone and their mom had been raving about it. Y'all I can't explain WHY it's so amazing...but it truly is. Prior to buying this water bottle I was ALWAYS switching mine out. Ever since I got the Stanley I never change anymore. I love that even the 40oz size fits in my car cupholder. It keeps your water cold all day. It's very easy to clean. And it literally makes me drink more water because all it requires is one hand haha you just pick up the handle and drink out of the straw. no lid to unscrew or other hoops to jump through. I know a water bottle is a strange thing to be so passionate about'll get it once you try it.

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favorites in lifestyle + miscellaneous

my new engagement ring


For our anniversary this year (and to mark a lot of other big life chapters we have walked through this year), Michael and I worked with Abe from L&L Jewelry to create this beautiful engagement ring. [He’s actually based in NYC so we did all of this remotely!] Abe was amazing to work with – so knowledgeable in his field, very patient, trustworthy, and created my dream ring for me. I definitely did not NEED an upgrade by any means but this ring is so special to me because Michael and I created it together, it will forever remind me of our 7 year anniversary and everything we have walked through together this year that’s made our marriage so much stronger. [I kept my original engagement ring obviously for sentimental reasons and because I think I will pass it down to Shiloh one day!]

our puppy Saylor


I have been wanting an Australian Labradoodle ever since I can remember and Michael FINALLY agreed to letting me get one this past year! I’m not gonna lie…I actually got her because I’ve really really wanted a baby for about 2 years now. And I thought getting a puppy would help scratch that itch haha and to some degree…it did! Saylor is such a good puppy and a great addition to our family and best of all…Shiloh is SO obsessed with her & the two of them are best friends! We got her from Legendary Labradoodles who is an amazing breeder just outside of Dallas.

our new house


We started building this house in Dec 2019 and FINALLY moved in April 2021!! It took significantly longer than we expected but feels so good to finally be ‘home’ and to have roots here, and know this is our house for the next….forever! We love this house and our neighborhood SO much and are incredibly thankful for the blessing we had to be able to build a custom home!

meeting with a nutritionist

I started meeting with a registered dietician in 2020 when we were having issues conceiving. She specializes in women’s hormones & fertility so I was curious to see if she could help us. I met with Isabel consistently for over a year and she truly changed my life! I paid to have DUTCH testing done (which is basically a full hormone panel) and I HIGHLY recommend that every single woman has this done / gets their hormones checked. This taught me so much about my stress levels, my hormones, and how we could work to get things balanced. Meeting with Isabel really encouraged me to make the changes in my diet, exercise, and lifestyle that needed to happen in order to get my stress hormones under control. She also helped me work through so many disordered eating thoughts / behaviors I had that I didn’t even know that I had, as well as other body image issues. I am so thankful for her and cannot recommend her enough. [She’s based in Austin so we met over zoom!]

I’m sure I’m missing a few things haha but these were all of the first things that came to mind from last year’s purchases! Did you guys buy anything from this list after seeing my post about it?! If so, comment below and let me know!! Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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