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faith + inspiration 1 month ago

my word for 2023


if you can’t tell…i fully embrace ALL of the new year’s resolutions / setting intentions + goals / the whole sha-bang haha. i LOVE this time of year to reflect on the previous year and get grounded + clear on the year ahead.

i love coming up with a word for the new year. sometimes the word just pops into my brain and i have such a clear vision for the year ahead, and sometimes it doesn’t. i don’t think i had a “word” come to me for 2022, but as i’ve prayed + dreamed about 2023 the same word has come into my mind over and over again. and that word is aligned


as i dream about and set goals for 2023…i want every decision i make, every habit i form, every workout that i do, every relationship i prioritize, every book i pick up, how i treat my husband…to be aligned with my core values and with the person that i want to be (and the person i hope to become).


the word aligned for me comes into play in everyday decisions – which partnerships i take on for work, what time I go to bed at night, scrolling my phone, hanging out with friends, hosting people in our home, moving my body…i want to ask myself in each of those moments “is this aligned with the woman that i want to become?”

i know the woman that i want to be is strong, courageous, kind, grounded, at peace, full of joy, loves Jesus. she is free, secure + knows that who she is is enough, her identity is grounded in so much more than success or physical appearance. she rests, she laughs, she works hard.

and this year i am striving for every decision that i make to be aligned with the woman i want to become.



for example, one of my goals for 2023 is to take 24hrs completely off of social media every week. this decision is 100% aligned with my true values of wanting to prioritize relationships and rest more than hustle and scrolling.

i also want to continue in my yoga + pilates practice which aligns with valuing taking care of my body and allowing it to enjoy movement in a more slow & grounded method.

i am so excited for 2023 and all it has in store for us. i pray i look back on this year and say that I felt SO aligned with my core values, my dreams, and the woman i truly desire to become!

thanks for reading!

this post was created in collaboration with Nordstrom. as always, all thoughts + opinions are my own

xo Lauren

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