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Lifestyle 12 months ago

10 random things I'm loving


if you are new around here, about once every 6 weeks i share a roundup of 10 random things i’m loving! everything from podcasts to beauty products, snacks, shows, and more! i’ve added lots of new things to my list lately so i figured it was time for a new 10 random things update!


one. anastasia beverly hills highlight palette

i have raved about this highlight palette on my stories a few times but in case you haven’t bought it yet..let me tell ya: you NEED one! i actually bought this after being in miami with my assistant lindy who’s makeup always looks SO glowy and beautiful! she gets compliments on her glowing skin all the time and she swears by this palette haha so i was sold. it has 4 colors and i honestly love and use all 4 of the colors in the palette depending on what looking i’m going for. truly makes your skin GLOW without looking glittery if that makes sense!

two. elemis skincare

this one isn’t necessarily new but it’s like i recently re-discovered my obsession with elemis skincare products. they were having a sale over memorial day weekend so i stocked up on some old faves + tried a few new things and have been using them ever since. my favorites are the dynamic resurfacing pads for exfoliating, cleansing balm for removing all my makeup at night, and this retinol alternative serum since i’m not currently using retinol while pregnant! it improves the look of fine lines, reduces appearance of pores, and evens out your skin tone texture!

three. sally hepworth books

i shared a book roundup a few weeks ago in this post so y’all probably already know…but i have been LOVING sally hepworth books for some good fiction reading! i have flown through 3 of her books, back to back, and was tempted to start a 4th but decided i should maybe branch out for my next one haha. i love her books because they are super interesting / mystery / thriller type without being TOO dark or scary. i don’t like reading stuff that’s so dark, especially at night before i go to bed. i love her writing style and all 3 books i’ve read so far have held my interest start to finish (which is saying something for me lol).

four. hydroflask travel tumbler

hydro flask came out with a new “stanley-style” tumbler and i might like it even more than my stanley! i love the flexible straw, it doesn’t spill nearly as much as the stanley does if you knock it over, still fits in your cupholder, and i also just love the look of it! i have the 32oz size but i think they’re launching a 40oz size soon as well!

five. jury duty

michael and i just started watching the show ‘jury duty’ on HBO max and it is HILARIOUS. we are only two episodes in but have laughed our butts off both episodes so far haha and i love that the shows are only 30mins long because i definitely get bored with shows any longer than that. i’m terrible at explaining shows without giving them away but it’s a docu-style comedy with a similar vibe to the office if you liked that!

six. dibs ‘no pressure’ lip liner

i’m not gonna lie…i’ve always wanted to be a lip liner girl and i’m just not haha. i feel like it requires so much effort to only come off shortly after whenever you eat or drink something. AND i’ve felt intimidated by it like i don’t know how to actually put it on. and THEN i tried the dibs no pressure lip liner and it truly is ‘no pressure’. it is SO easy to apply and instantly makes your lips look SO much fuller and more defined! you don’t have that weird ‘clown’ look a lot of lip liners can give you haha it looks soft and natural but also adds the perfect amount of definition and fullness to your lips! anytime i’m wearing this someone asks me if i got lip filler haha.

seven. MRO liposomal collagen booster

i have shared this liposomal collagen booster on my stories tons of times because it is THAT good and i take it every single day. this supplement is so good for your joint health, glowing skin, and hair! it has antioxidants in it (vitamin c, e, and zinc), amino acids, and helps to support your skin and joint health. i personally LOVE how it tastes (maple hot cocoa flavor) and love the individual packs so you can just take on the go! i legit just ordered 5 boxes of this because they always sell out haha so i wanted to make sure i was stocked!

eight. viral yogurt protein bowl

i was seeing this yogurt protein bowl all over instagram and tiktok and decided to give it a try / make my own version and holy moly i am OBSESSED. i used this recipe from rachael’s good eats as my inspo and then made it my own. it is the YUMMIEST and most filling afternoon snack or a perfect dessert to have it night when you’re wanting something a little healthier or with tons of protein! here’s how i’ve been making mine:

-mix half a scoop of clean simple eats s’mores protein powder into vanilla greek yogurt (i’ve tried lots of flavors and they’re all amazing but this is my fave for this yogurt bowl)

-drizze peanut butter on top of this mixture

-melt dark chocolate in the microwave (my fave is gatsby dark chocolate) and then drizzle on top of the peanut butter

-top with flake sea salt and put in the freezer for 10-30mins

-take it out of the freezer and add toppings of choice (my faves rn are banana and pretzel)

there’s like a hard chocolatey shell on top and it all blends together perfectly! SO yummy!

nine. amazon phone case / pop socket

i got this phone case during prime day and it MIGHT be the best phone case i’ve ever purchased. i love that it has a pop socket attached to it BUT you can slide it on or off, and the case underneath is MagSafe compatible so you can still use it for wireless charging, without having to take your case off !!! like where has this been my entire life!? comes in several cute colors and the quality has been SO good!

ten. lululemon skort

i’ve never been much of a skort girl until i tried this one at lululemon and instantly bought it in a second color! it has built in short liner underneath and i love that it’s like feminine yet sporty all at the same time! they’re also super comfortable and flattering! if you’re a tennis player this is a must but even if you’re not (i’m not lol) i’ve loved it for just everyday mom life in the summer – going to the park, running errands etc! it’s not too short and really flatters your legs!

thanks for reading! hope y’all are having a great week so far!

xo Lauren

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