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Lifestyle 1 month ago

what i read in 2023


at the beginning of 2022 i made a goal to read more. and i did! i read a TON in 2022 and it really had such a huge impact on my life. so i wanted to carry that goal into 2023! i started off strong. but then had lyla in august haha and definitely slowed down. i still read (and listened) to tons of great books in 2023 though so i wanted to just share a quick list with you guys of everything i read this past year!


in addition to the books i’m sharing with y’all, i also read a morning devotional and/or do a bible study! not including those here since those aren’t as much ‘book books’. also, i’ll spare you and not give a book report on each book in this list lol and just give a quick blurb on whether i loved it or not!


fiction books

i feel like recommending a book to someone is like recommending a show. it totally depends on that person’s taste or preference haha i personally never really get into like ‘fantastical’ type of books, and i also typically don’t love historical books either. thrillers / mysteries are my go-to! so that’s most of what’s on the list below, with a few other genres sprinkled in!


non-fiction / self help books

i am so excited for a new year and so many new books on my list i can’t wait to dive into! i’d love to hear from you guys! comment below and let me know what book or books you read in 2023 that really rocked your world!


xo Lauren

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