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Fitness + Health 8 years ago

new years resolutions: fit edition







Grey seamless hoodie | Black bonded vest | Marbled capris (full length version here) | Nike tennis shoes | Black hobo bag

Happy New Year’s Eve! I don’t know about you but I’ve always loved making New Years resolutions. I always write them down in my journal, and then as the year is coming to a close, I go back and read what my goals were and see how close I came to checking everything off!

I always make some type of New Years resolution having to do with fitness – as do most of you, I’m sure! It’s easy to make goals like “work out more” or “be more active” (which are great goals!), but these goals can easily fall by the wayside without practical steps. So I wanted to do a post with some tips on how to stay fit (or meet your fitness goals) in the New Year.

  1. Find something (active) that you enjoy. If you absolutely despise running with ever fiber of your being, maybe don’t make your goal to run 6 miles, 5 days a week. Being active can be SO fun! I tried out flywheel in 2015 and it’s now one of my favorite activities (you can click this link to try it out for free!) Since I legitimately love flywheel, I look forward to my workouts. There are so many fun ways to stay active. Try out a yoga class, barre, pilates, kick boxing, jogging outside…find something you really actually enjoy!
  2. Make reasonable goals. If you currently don’t workout at all, try setting a goal of working out 2-3 days a week, for at least a month. If you end up doing more than that, amazing! But if you’re really struggling to go one day, just tell yourself “I only have to do this two more times this week to meet my goal.”
  3. Get a plan. Once you find activities you enjoy, make a workout schedule. For instance: flywheel on monday, yoga on wednesday, jog 4 miles on friday. Once you have a plan written down, it’s alot easier to meet those goals!
  4. Get a workout buddy. You might not be able to workout with someone every day of the week, but try and invite a friend to a yoga class with you once a week! That way, when you’re tempted to miss yoga or your spin class, you know your friend will be there…and you can’t leave her hanging!
  5. Get cute workout clothes! This might sound silly but it actually makes ALL the difference when you feel cute while you’re working out! Here’s a little roundup of fitness apparel that’s ALL on my wishlist right now!

Here are a few resources I recommend if you’re looking to get fit in the new year:

  1. Equinox – seriously the most amazing gym I have ever experienced. Their classes are amazing, facilities are like a spa, and personal trainers are seriously unlike any other!
  2. Flywheel – as mentioned above! The best spin studio you could ever join. The instructors are amazing, the class will kick your butt (like, burn 800 calories in 45 mins), and their fitness apparel is to die for!
  3. The Kalon Life – if you’re in the Dallas area and looking for a personal trainer outside of a gym, this is absolutely the best option! Kami (creator of the Kalon Life) is a certified personal trainer, who will come to you (or you can come to her gym!), and give you a custom workout routine to help you meet your fitness goals. Beyond that though, she is passionate about helping all women feel their absolute best and is a strong believer in beauty that is more than skin deep. I promise, you will love her. And how cute is this instagram account?!

xo Lauren

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