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Fitness + Health 7 years ago

tips to staying healthy while traveling


You guys know how much I love to travel, and now that I’ve started to make travel a part of the blog (and since we moved)…I feel like we’re traveling somewhere almost every other week! It’s amazing, but also makes it really challenging to still eat healthy and workout. So, today I want to share some tips to staying healthy while traveling…for any of you who have vacations coming up, or travel a lot for work!


I have by NO means mastered this concept…but I do try and stay relatively healthy while traveling! If I only took a vacation once or twice a year, then I would 100% just indulge and probably not workout haha. But considering how much I travel right now, that probably wouldn’t be wise. So, here’s a few simple tips to staying healthy while traveling:


  1. Bring healthy snacks!

This is a health tip I swear by when traveling. I always travel with g2g bars or fitjoy bars in my tote! That way, when you’re on the airplane or in the car, you’re less likely to buy the pack of m&m’s or bag of chips. (BTW you can get 20% off G2G Bars with code ‘KAY’). These are two of my go-to healthy snacks for traveling because both bars have a ton of protein, which means you will stay fuller longer! I also love bringing turkey jerky or almonds.


2. Make ‘active’ decisions

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work out every day. But, while you’re on vacation…try and stay as active as possible! Instead of just watching TV after you’ve laid on the beach all day, go for a walk up and down the beach. Or, if you’re on the 3rd floor of your hotel, take the stairs up to you room every time instead of the elevator. Obviously vacations are supposed to be restful and relaxing. So you should definitely give yourself alot of downtime, but you will feel a lot less ‘sluggish’ if you try and stay active during the day – even with these simple active choices!


3. Stay hydrated!

I don’t know about you, but it is so hard for me to remember to drink water while I’m traveling. Before you get on an airplane, buy a bottle of water (or better yet, bring a s’well bottle with you to fill up before you get on the plane!). Flying can really dehydrate you (and doesn’t do many favors for your skin), so drink lots of water. Once you get to your destination, try and have a bottle of water with you at all times! Not only will it help your skin look great, it will deter you from mindless snacking or from feeling hungry all the time. Also, I definitely like to enjoy a glass or two of wine at dinner or a pina colada on the beach. Since alcohol dehydrates you, it’s really important to drink alot of water!


4. Pack workout clothes / workout!

Alot of people have asked me ‘why do you work out on vacation?!’ or ‘how are you motivated enough to work out on vacation?!’ Well, the first step is to pack workout clothes or obviously, it’s not gonna happen haha. I don’t think you need to work out every day on your vacation, but if the resort has a decent fitness center…try and go a few times during your stay there. Even if it’s just for 30 minutes. Working out on vacation is also alot easier if you have someone to go with. I drag Michael to the fitness center with me and it makes it so much more enjoyable!


5. Enjoy yourself!

This might sound counter intuitive to ‘staying healthy’, but really…remember that food is not your enemy. You’re on vacation and experiencing the food is part of the trip! So, let yourself have a glass of wine at dinner, or order chocolate cake for room service! Try and keep the mindset of ‘everything in moderation’. I would encourage you not to go on vacation with a mindset of ‘I can’t eat this, I can’t eat that.’ Let yourself enjoy the food, just try and not over do it. (I know I know, so much easier than it sounds!)


In other news…did you guys know that ASOS carries workout clothes now?! They carry legit any fitness brand you could ever want…and have workout clothes that can fit any budget. These leggings I’m wearing here are on major sale right now, and I love the little tie on the bottom! If you’ve been needing some new workout clothes to help motivate you…definitely check out ASOS because they legit have everything!


Outfit details: Similar white top here and here | Tie leggings | PUMA sports bra | Nike sneakers | Aviator sunglasses

We are off to Dallas today for the annual rewardStyle conference! So excited to see some other blogger friends I haven’t seen in a while, meet with brands, and get some new ideas for the blog! Make sure you follow along on instagram and snapchat! (My snapchat username is laurenkay2). Thanks for stopping by!

xo Lauren

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