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faith + inspiration 7 years ago

lattes with lauren + madewell denim dress

Happy Friday! Michael and I are leaving tomorrow for a trip we are SO excited about with two of our dearest friends, to one of our favorite places in the world! Definitely stay tuned to find out where!


Friday means another lattes with lauren q&a post! I’d asked y’all a while back if you want to keep seeing these posts and loved hearing how much y’all are enjoying this series. I’ve had a blast hearing from you guys and answering your questions. Since today is Sep 1, this will be my last ‘LWL’ post for a while – to start a new series in the fall! (More to come on that soon). We’ll definitely bring LWL back maybe for a once a month series, or something like that! I’ll keep ya posted. Now, onto today’s questions!

  1. A question I have for you would be your best tips for packing well for trips, since you travel so often! I feel like whenever I go somewhere it’s one of two extremes- I either pack WAY too much or pack too lightly and end up wishing I had brought certain items with me! Any tips on that and also how to pack a suitcase well to the point you don’t have to sit on it ? would be greatly appreciated!

I’m learning that there is definitely an art to packing. I haven’t mastered it quite yet but I think I’m getting there! IMO, there are two strategies to packing: 1) plan out each outfit for every activity/event you will be doing on your trip (which takes forever) or 2) pack mostly wardrobe staples that you can mix and match and wear several different ways. I’m starting to lean towards method #2 when I pack. So, here are a few tips!

  • Pack for specific activities first. ie: if you’re planning on hiking or doing active things, pack those clothes first because they are specific and you know you will have to have those items.
  • Eliminate the ‘just in case’ outfits. We all do it. ‘I need a backup outfit in case I feel fat that day’, etc. Only pack outfits/items that you love so that you won’t need a back-up!
  • Pack a few ‘special occassion’ dresses (doesn’t have to be dressy – just a dress or top you know you love to wear to dinner one or two nights night).
  • Outside of those things (the ‘specifics’, and the ‘special occassion’ pieces), throw in your favorite pair of jeans, 2-3 of your fave tees (short sleeve, long sleeve), a cardigan (depending on the season) and you’re golden. You more than likely won’t have too much, and you won’t have too little.

(PS I could go into way more detail on packing strategies, so I might do a blog post on this sometime this Fall to share more insight/tips!)


2. My question is health-related and may be a bit of a departure from what you’ve been asked, but what motivated you to start taking apple cider vinegar on a daily basis? Were you having any issues and did it improve your overall digestive health? I suffer from tummy issues, including acid reflux, and am considering taking ACV to see what happens!

I started taking apple cider vinegar in the mornings after a nutritionist recommended it to me, and I’d heard everywhere how good it is for you. (FYI for those of you who don’t know, I mix 8oz warm water with half a lemon and 1-2 tbsp acv every morning).

I have mild digestive / tummy issues and wanted to see if this would help. I was also getting sick pretty frequently and heard this helps with immunity because it fights off bacteria. I noticed a huge difference in both of these areas after consistently doing my lemon water / ACV every morning. I am rarely sick now and my stomach issues have gotten tons better!


3. I had a question about your lash extensions. I get mine done as well, but I always seem to have problems with a lot of them falling out in about a week which I’ve heard they’re meant to last for 2-3 weeks. Any tips?

Both ladies who have done my lashes now tell me everyone’s lashes hold onto the extensions differently. For example, my mom got lash extensions once and I’m pretty sure they all fell out within a week, whereas mine definitely last 3 weeks. So, part of it is just the way your eyeball is – the shape, allergies you might have, etc.

But I’m also pretty intense about how I take care of my lashes! Make sure you’re not using any makeup remover that has oil in it. I also never put mascara on my lash extensions. I’ve heard using a gel eyeliner makes them fall off faster. When I wash my face I always use a wash cloth and avoid splashing water on my face/lashes. Try not to sit in any kind of steam (hot tub, sauna, steam room) for too long because that will also make them fall off. You also want to make sure you don’t get them wet for 24-48hrs after getting a fill.

Just a few tips that might help!


4. After living in Texas our whole lives, my husband and I have thought about moving to a place where we don’t have any friends or family. What tips would you give for making a successful transition?

In a previous LWL post, I answered a question about making friends in new cities, so definitely check that post out. But something else came to mind when reading this question…

There is so much that plays into the decision to moving to a new city. It was a decision Michael and I both prayed about for years, and also sought outside counsel on. I think this plays a huge part in making a successful transition. Before you move…really seek the Lord about it (if you are a believer), or at least take time to write out all the reasons why you would move. Truly examine your heart. I’d also encourage both of you to talk to your parents, close friends, or other wise people in your life to get their feedback!

Once you have a green light in all those areas…there is so much more peace in making that transition!


5. What are your go-to healthy dinners you’ve been loving for late summer – early fall? I’m always looking for fun, healthy new recipes to try out!

I recently did a blog post about how I grocery shop and included my favorite websites for recipes, so definitely check that out! Some of my other go-to recipes though are below:

Sweet potato chicken bake

Thai cashew chicken stir fry

Turkey meatloaf

You can also follow me on pinterest to check out some of my other favorite healthy dinner recipes!



outfit details: madewell denim dress (similar here and here) | booties  | crossbody bag | sunnies | earrings

Again, I’ve loved doing this series with you guys and hope y’all have enjoyed it as much as I have! I’m thinking we can continue this as a once a month series if y’all would be interested. For now though, stay tuned for what our next Fall series is going to be! We are so excited about it!

xo Lauren

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