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Fitness + Health 6 years ago

pre-workout snacks + supplements


Happy Friday y’all! I always love hearing workout tips or healthy snack ideas from other people…so today I thought it’d be fun to share my pre-workout snacks with y’all! Some people workout first thing in the morning and say they can’t eat before a workout…but I 100% have to eat at least something before I workout! It gives me the fuel and energy I need – plus I legit wake up hungry haha. It would literally be impossible for me to NOT eat the first few hours of my day.


Before I get into my pre-workout snacks…I first wanted to share that I’m obsessed with Advocare products – for pre-workout supplements, a healthy lifestyle, and post workout supplements. I’ve been taking Advocare since high school, used it for half marathon training, spin classes, and now taking a few things for marathon training. See this post I did a few months back to read more about what I take!



Some of my favorite pre-workout snacks:

  1. Half a banana + 1 TBSP almond butter: this is my go-to before every run. The carbs from the banana + protein from the almond butter is the exact fuel I need for a workout
  2. Half of a protein bar – my favorites are FitJoy, G2G Bars (get 20% off with code KAY), or an RX bar. I love having protein before a workout…but don’t want anything too heavy, which is why I only eat half of it.
  3. Ezekiel bread (toasted) with almond butter and 1/2 banana: this is what I have before a long run (10+ miles), when I need more fuel!
  4. Half a cup of low fat greek yogurt – rich in calcium, protein and carbs. Helps promote healthy fat burning during a run, and the protein provides fuel for your muscles!





Outfit details: crossover tank | high-waisted leggings | black sports bra | olive green kicks | sunnies | apple watch |

In other news, if you follow me on instagram you know how OBSESSED I am with these olive sneakers. Obviously Nikes are a huge weakness of mine…but this is my first pair of olive green and i think they are perfect for fall. They are super lightweight, but still offer great support for weight training, HIIT workouts, or shorter runs (3 miles or less).

If you have any favorite pre-workout snacks…leave a comment below! Always love hearing about other people’s workout routines!

Have a great weekend!

xo Lauren

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