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faith + inspiration 6 years ago

mochas with michael | 3 questions answered

Hey everyone! Man, have I been pushing for this for a while… Really since the “Lattes with Lauren” series. Lauren kept saying no and I kept telling her to give the people what they wanted. Finally she agreed and, alas, here we are!

First of all, y’all are awesome. I love meeting those of you who come up to Lauren to say hi. If you ever see her/us, please come say hi! It really does mean the world to both of us that you follow her. I know most of you follow for pictures of Beau, aka Stu, aka big momma, aka queen b, aka big papi, but it really does mean the world to both of us that you follow her.

All right so on to the good stuff. You asked, I’m here to answer. Let’s get this show on the road. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Quemero – Numero – Uno (HQ anyone??)

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How do you best support Lauren in her blogging career? What’s one thing you would tell other husbands in how to support their wife throughout her dreams and career?

There were tons of questions about supporting Lauren in her blogging career. I’m sure everyone has seen the “instagram husband” video by now. I had at least 25 people send it to me… “THIS IS YOU!!” “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS VIDEO??” The video is great and hilarious in parts. What’s incorrect about the video, at least for me, is the annoyance at their wives that their husbands portray. Now I’m not always perfect, but ever since Lauren pitched the idea to me several years ago I’ve been on board. I’ve always seen that this is something she’s passionate about, and as her husband I want to not only support her in her passions, but also encourage them and build them up. That would be my advice for other husbands. Find what your wife is passionate about and help her dig into that, even if it’s not something that you are really into.

As far as me supporting Lauren… I’ve tried to learn and put on many hats as her blog has grown. It started out just taking instagrams when I got home from work and on the weekends. Now it entails that, taking most of her pictures for instagram as well as the blog, reaching out to some brands, looking over contracts, taking care of returns, and honestly the biggest thing, just taking care of the house and other tasks so she doesn’t have to. I try and serve her in any way I can.

*Shout out to Martha for being a hell of an assistant. She’s done way more than I ever could in the year that she’s been a part of LKS.


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What are you most excited for / nervous about becoming a dad? How has your childhood been an influence on how you will raise your daughter?

Man oh man. I CANNOT wait to have baby Sims around in a couple of months. I’m going to be an emotional wreck. Dads have such an amazing influence on their children, especially their daughters (I’m currently reading Strong Fathers Strong Daughters by Dr. Meg Meeker and highly recommend it to any of your husbands that are going to be dads soon or already are dads to daughters). I can’t wait to dance around the house with her, encourage her creativity and imagination, and teach her about how much Jesus loves her. Father/children relationships are a beautiful symmetry to our heavenly Father’s love for us, and yet as much as I already love my unborn daughter, our heavenly Father loves us so much more and is perfect in His love for us. Being able to teach her this at a young age brings my heart joy.

I’m a bit naïve about the infant part of parenthood right now, so I’m choosing to put that off for a couple more months. I’m not great without sleep, sooo.. yah. No one burst my bubble yet.

I’m also nervous about raising a daughter. I’ve never done it before, but I’m sure there can be a lot of pressure around it. I want our girl to grow up knowing that Jesus loves her, her parents love her, to respect herself and her body, to have many deep friendships, and to live life with faith and joy. There’s a lot of wisdom that can be poured into her that I’m just not sure that I have at this time. Lauren and I have been praying that God continues to give us wisdom in being good shepherding parents to her, so I’m trusting in Him.


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What do you plan on doing after school? What did you do before?

I’m currently attending the University of Colorado, Sko Buffs, for my MBA. My undergrad degree was in biomedical engineering from Baylor University, Sic’em Bears. I worked at a medical device company called Orthofix in Dallas for a couple years after school. I started of in quality assurance and worked my way over to product development. My favorite job at Orthofix was designing surgical tools used in spinal operations. We had a cadaver lab on site and everything. It was a sweet gig.

I’ve always recognized that I’m nowhere near smart enough to compete with other engineers going forward in my career. I say that truthfully and humbly. I figured having an engineering undergraduate degree and a business graduate degree would allow me to move into some sort of management role for an engineering firm.

I graduate next May, so I still have some time to figure things out. Lauren and I are still discussing what route I take will be best for our family. On one hand I can go back to work and continue to build my career that way. This option provides us with a second income and a stable job incase something happens to Lauren or her career, but would limit the amount of time that I get to spend with her and our children and would require us to hire someone to help not only with the blog but with keeping kids. The other option is for me to stay at home and continue to work for LKS. This provides both of us with extreme flexibility to travel and spend time with each other and our children but potentially severely stalls my career growth if I ever needed to go back to work in the future. If anyone has any ideas or recommendations, I’m all ears.

Sorry I only got around to answering three of your questions. I tried answering some shorter ones on instagram. This was fun though! Hopefully the boss lets me continue to do this in the future! We love getting to share part of our lives with y’all and are humbled that you even pay attention to us!

Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July! Y’all are the best.


xo Lauren

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