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Fashion 5 years ago

3 investment purchases worth the money

I don’t know about you guys, but I love reading other people’s blog posts about their best + favorite purchases of all time (similar to the posts I’ve done like “best purchases of 2018“, etc). As a fashion + beauty blogger I buy A LOT of stuff haha and over the past few months I’ve noticed a few purchases that have stood out among the rest. These are 3 investment purchases I’ve made that have gotten used daily, week after week, month after month. I want to shar ethem with y’all today in case you’ve been curious if any of these 3 items are actually “worth it”!.




Investment purchase worth the money #1: Jura E8 Coffee maker

I recently did an entire blog post review about this coffee maker here, so I won’t go into a ton of detail in today’s post. But needless to say…this coffee maker has been worth every penny and MORE for us. A few months ago, I never could’ve imagined spending this amount on a coffee maker. But it’s something Michael and I use multiple times a day, every single day and we LOVE the coffee (or lattes) it makes. If you or your significant other have been debating whether or not the Jura is worth the money…I’m here to tell you IT IS. When we travel I miss our coffee maker haha and can’t wait to get home to it. If you have more questions about the Jura or why it’s worth the money, see this blog post I did a few weeks ago. You can also shop the Jura here and here.



Investment purchase worth the money #2: Celine sunglasses

These sunglasses had been on my wishlist for months, but I cringed at the price tag. Finally, I decided to order them from Nordstrom (bc free shipping + free returns – I knew I could just send them back if I didn’t LOVE them). From the moment I tried them on though, I knew I had to have them! First of all, the quality of these sunglasses is incredible. I’ve had them for probably 5 months now and worn them hundreds of times and they haven’t stretched out at all. I love that these sunglasses are super chic and make a statement…but they are also such a classic style (black with a subtle cat eye) so I know they’re a frame I will wear for years and years to come. Also, the classic style makes them super versatile. You can see them pictured above with a more dressed up look, and in the photos below you’ll see the same sunglasses with activewear / athleisure style.

I held off buying these for a while because I thought that was a crazy amount of $$ to spend on sunglasses, but I have already MORE than gotten my money’s worth out of these and plan on wearing them for years to come. They also make packing sunglasses really easy – I never debate “which sunglasses should I bring for this trip?” because I know these Celine sunnies will go with EVERYTHING! If you’ve been looking for a classic pair of designer sunglasses that will last you for years, I cannot recommend this pair enough.



Investment purchase worth the money #3: Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM tote (also available here and here)

Y’all might remember a blog post post a did a month or so ago reviewing my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM tote (the size smaller than the GM tote which is pictured above). I have the MM tote in the brown color and love it for an everyday bag, especially for fall. I noticed though when we traveled…that tote wasn’t really big enough for all of my stuff AND all of Shiloh’s stuff. It’s a great tote for everyday, but not really for travel (for me at least). I debated getting the next size up (this GM size) but I always thought this tote looked SO massive. I went to try it on in the store and the sales associate showed me how I could fold in the sides to make it smaller, if I wasn’t carrying a ton of stuff (you can see that pictured above). I love carrying my GM like this on an everyday basis (when we aren’t traveling).

I digress though haha I want to share with y’all why this expensive tote was so worth the money for me. I held off for a long time because I felt like this was such a #basic purchase that SO many girls have. But I caved because I wanted to have a bag big enough to carry all of my stuff and Shiloh’s, but also still look cute with my outfits and not like a diaper bag. As basic as this purchase might be…it’s basic for a reason haha – meaning, there is a reason millions of women (especially moms) have this bag. The quality is amazing – I have LOADED this thing up – with my laptop, ipad, diapers, bottles, toys, makeup bag etc…and the handles are incredibly sturdy and do not fray or wear at all. The bag also maintains its shape perfectly well!

I love this bag too because it allows me to carry all of Shiloh’s stuff when we are traveling (or on an everyday basis like at the mall) but still look chic / put together. $1000ish is alot of money to spend on a tote, but I know this is a bag I will legitimately carry forever! I love both this one, and my brown MM size.

Have you guys made any of the purchases I’m sharing today?! If so, did you find them to be worth the money? If you’ve been on the fence about any of these items, I hope today’s post helps you in your decision-making. Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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