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faith + inspiration 5 years ago

#1 tip for sticking with your goals





So I’ve shared a lot of posts recently on setting goals for the new year, reflecting on 2019, etc. We are now officially into 2020 and I’m assuming a lot of you guys, myself included, have a list of goals for the new year! Making goals at the start of a new year is always so exciting but can also be a little intimidating. What if I fail? What if I fall off the bandwagon? How can I stay consistent? So today I wanted to share my number 1 tip with you guys for continuing to get after your goals, for the next 360ish days!

Take a look at the goals you’ve written out for yourself for 2020. Or, if you haven’t made a list, block off 30 minutes of your day today to get that done! Take time to not only write out your goals but to pray + think about this coming year. What is your vision for it? What is your end goal? What is your hope for 2020? We all have lots of “smaller” goals that ultimately lead to a much greater goal. As I prayed over 2020 and spent time reflecting on 2019…I really felt the Lord calling me to a slower pace of life, filled with more peace and balance. Without going into TOO much detail in this post…my biggest goal for 2020 is “creating space“. I want to create space for time with friends, without my phone around. Create space to read more books. Create space to be in bed by 10pm without scrolling through my phone at night. Create space in my blog calendar to write about things I’m truly passionate about. Create space for a long phone call with friends I don’t get to see very often. Create space to serve at church. I could go on, but you get the picture! I have a lot of goals and dreams in mind for 2020 but ultimately I am working towards a more healthy and balanced life, filled with true peace and joy.



So, as you look at your goals + dreams for 2020…what “bigger picture” comes to mind for you? Maybe you are working towards a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you are hoping to develop more relationships + focus on friendships this year. Maybe you are striving to feel content + fulfilled this year or to set up boundaries in relationships. I’m not sure what your end goal is, but chances are, all of your ‘smaller’ (more tangible) goals are pushing you towards your greater end goal.

I have a lot of things on my “20 for 2020” list that have already been challenging for me, to be honest. As I’ve been praying about 2020, the goals I have, and the changes I’d like to make…the phrase “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” continues to come to mind. That phrase might be cliche, but it’s already helped me so much in sticking with some of my goals. I shared above what changes I’m wanting to make in my life this year, and I’m learning that in order for change to happen…I’m going to have to be challenged. And when I am challenged, I need to keep my big picture, greater goal in mind!



For example, one of my goals is to not sleep with my phone in the room this year. It’s been challenging for me to not get in bed and just scroll through a few things for a few minutes. It’s a [bad] habit. In my mind, it’s easy to justify by saying “what’s the big deal? I’m just scrolling for a few minutes before I fall asleep!” But then I remind myself of my big picture goal for this year: I want to create a more healthy and balanced life, and in order to get there…I need to be on my phone less. This small goal that’s currently challenging me…is pushing me towards my ultimate goal of having a more healthy and balanced life. My #1 tip for helping you keep your goals this year would be to know what your end goal is, and remember that this smaller goal (ie: not drinking during the week or exercising 3 days a week or whatever it is) is helping you reach your greater goal and create the life you really want!


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Another favorite quote of mine I’m carrying with me into 2020:

Get into the habit of asking yourself: does this support the life I’m trying to create?

Ask yourself that with every decision you make. If you decide to stay home from your church small group one night, or skip the gym monday morning, or binge watch another netflix series instead of reading or calling a friend…ask yourself: “does this support the life I’m trying to create?” It’s a hard question! I get it! I’m struggling with it too. But it’s insanely powerful. As I say yes or no to certain business opportunities that come my way, I will ask this question. As I create my to-do list everyday, I will ask myself this question. And I encourage you guys to do the same!

Let’s go after our goals in 2020 and create a life that fills us with ultimate peace and joy and freedom!

xo Lauren

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