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Travel wellness 8 months ago

what to pack for a ski trip



Michael and I went to Aspen a few weeks ago, and were in Vail before that…and anytime we go skiing I always get SO many DM’s from you guys asking about what I wear when I ski! Some of y’all have said you have ski trips coming up and have no idea what to wear or how to pack. So today I’m going to walk you through (layer by layer lol) what to wear for snow skiing (or snowboarding). I have been snowboarding for the last 15ish years and decided to try skiing again when we were in Aspen! I still love snowboarding but kind of wanted to challenge my body in a new way, and learn something new. It was a blast!

Before I get into “ski gear” type of clothes…first I want to walk you through what I wear UNDERNEATH my ski jacket and pants! Having good, quality base layers is KEY to keeping you warm! Backcountry has SO many amazing options for baselayers (literally a whole section on their website for it. It’s amazing!). Lots of great brands at a wide variety of price points.

Base Layers

So to recap, as my base layer I usually wear these pants, this crew, and this fleece jacket over my base layer crewneck. If it’s REALLY cold, sometimes I will put on a vest over my fleece, but rarely!


Ski Jacket + Pants


Once you have good, quality base layers, it’s time to start thinking about your ski jacket. I recently got a new ski jacket that I absolutely LOVE! I showed you guys on instagram stories the two that I was deciding between and honestly loved them both. I got this holden jacket before our trip to Aspen and it is AMAZING. It’s the warmest ski jacket I’ve ever owned and the quality is incredible. This was the first ski trip I’ve ever been on where I didn’t get cold on the slopes – no exaggeration.

Prior to buying the holden jacket, I’ve skiied in this Burton jacket for YEARS and absolutely love it! (When y’all have seen pics of me on the slopes in previous years, this is the jacket I’m wearing. I have the ‘dress blue’ color!). This jacket has a powder skirt which is crucial if you are snowboarding IMO. It’s warm but not too warm, and I like how easy it is to move in.

This Roxy jacket was the other one I almost bought before our ski trip (and it’s actually the one most of you guys voted I bought when I polled you on stories!). I absolutely LOVE how it looks, and if you’re someone who tends to get hot when you ski (or if you’re just more of a hot-natured person) you will relaly like this jacket. I loved how it looked and felt and fit…but I was wanting something SUPER warm which is why I went with the holden jacket!

I have skiied / snowboarded in Burton pants for YEARS now and have no desire to ever change that. They are so comfortable, fit extremely well, seal out all snow and slush, and keep me warm. This was my first time to ever ski in them, sine I usually board…and I wasn’t sure if I’d like them as much for skiing. But I still LOVED them even for skiing! So whether you are a skier or a boarder, this is a great pant!



Other ski essentials

Now that we have base layer, ski jacket and pants down…let’s chat about the rest of your essentials. If you’ve ever skied before you know that a good pair of gloves can make or break your ski day. This was my first year to splurge on a pair of heated gloves and OH MY GOSH, my world is forever changed! They are definitely an investment but if you ski alot, they are worth EVERY penny. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to quit at lunchtime because my hands felt like they had frostbite. These heated gloves made ALL the difference in my ski day. I felt like I could go all day long since my hands were nice and warm!

If you don’t ski very often though and don’t want to splurge on the heated gloves, I personally like burton gloves alot!

Goggles are another thing that make a really big difference in a ski day! I love my Oakley goggles. My helmet is also oakley but you can rent a helmet if you won’t be skiing a whole lot! I always wear a face mask like this underneath my helmet to keep my head and face warm / protected from wind!


Backcountry: my one-stop shop

As you can see from everything I shared today, Backcountry is definitely my one stop shop when it comes to ANYTHING ski / winter related! They have such an amazing selection with tons of brands, at tons of different price points. Their website has become a major weakness of mine since moving to Colorado! You can also get 15% off your first order from Backcountry with code LAURENKS15!

Let me know if you guys have any questions about ski gear in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

This post was created in collaboration with Backcountry. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

xo Lauren

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