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Fitness + Health 4 years ago

a stress-free valentine's day



Happy Monday friends! So, I don’t know about y’all, but 2020 has seriously been such a whirlwind so far. Between selling our house, packing up everything in Boulder, and preparing to move back to Dallas, I feel like this year has started off SO busy and kind of all over the place. It’s definitely been a lot. So when Michael and I started talking about our Valentine’s Day plans and how we wanted to celebrate, we both agreed we wanted to do something a little bit more low-key this year.

We both actually really love Valentine’s Day. Really, it isn’t even necessarily the holiday itself as much as it is we both love any excuse for quality time and a good date night together. But since 2020 has kind of had a stressful “go go go” start, we wanted to take all of the stress out of Valentine’s Day and just enjoy a really good date night in. So, if y’all are in the same boat and looking for a more relaxing way to celebrate, today’s post is for you!

our obsession with Home Chef

As y’all have probably seen on my Instagram stories, I have loved using Home Chef for years now. Michael and I literally make a Home Chef meal at least once a week and it is consistently one of our favorite meals! I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a cook by nature, so I’m all for making healthy, delicious meals as simple as possible. Especially since having Shiloh, we’ve really needed all the help we can get in terms of meal prepping and cooking. Otherwise, we would literally eat out like… every night, ha. Home Chef has been amazing! Because honestly, at the end of a long day and after putting Shiloh down for bed, we’re both usually pretty exhausted. Home Chef makes it so easy because it takes all of the guesswork out of it. If you’re new around here or just not that familiar with Home Chef, it’s our favorite meal delivery service! We’ve tried several over the years and Home Chef is hands down our favorite. Not only are their meal options the best and more expansive, but they really make the meal prep + cooking so easy. Everything comes measured out perfectly with easy to follow recipes and instructions. Like trust me, anyone can do it!




why it’s perfect for valentine’s day

So this year for Valentine’s Day, Michael and I are feeling like we probably want to enjoy a more low-key, stress-free date night in. Honestly, we love date nights in! You don’t have to worry about booking a reservation in advance, paying holiday prices for your meal, or stressing about finding a babysitter. It just simplifies things and frees you up to focus on the real purpose of date night: each other! Another reason I love Home Chef is because I’ve found that cooking with Michael is actually an amazing way to really spend quality time together. It forces us to put our phones down, work together on something, and just enjoy each other’s company. It’s something that we both really enjoy doing together and has honestly been such a sweet activity for us in our marriage. It can be so tempting at the end of a long day to just totally check out and scroll through your phone or binge your favorite tv show. And trust me, we also have those nights! But when we cook together, I love that it forces us to be really present and intentional with one another. We always end up having some of the best conversations when we’re in the kitchen prepping our dinner!



the culinary collection

Another reason we are SO pumped about our date night in with Home Chef is because of their new Culinary Collection. This is a totally new  a menu with upgraded ingredients and customizable protein options like mahi mahi, steak strips, and scallops. I’ll show y’all more on stories, but we made the scallops recently (as you can see in these pics!) and oh my word, they were to die for. It really elevates the experience and just makes you feel like you’re enjoying a fact date night – all from the comfort of your home! I literally was wearing my slippers when we cooked haha, it was kind of amazing. Right now Home Chef’s menu featurefeatures two Culinary Collection options each week, which are so perfect for any special occasion or date night meal. The menu options from Home Chef are really one of the things that set it apart from other meal delivery services honestly. Michael and I not only always find options we love, but we actually struggle to narrow it down because everything on their menu looks good! All of the ingredients are always top quality and very fresh. I was pumped to hear about the Culinary Collection because it really does make it feel more special and fancy, without having to deal with the stress of making a reservation or paying a fortune for a overpriced Valentine’s Day special.



exclusive discount code for valentine’s day

And guys, I have an amazing discount code just for my LKS fam! Right now you can use my code LAURENKAY100 to get $100 off your Home Chef order. This is the best discount code I’ve ever been given and I am so happy it’s here just in time for your Valentine’s Day plans. I feel like this is just the perfect way to take the stress out of Valentine’s Day and focus on spending quality time with someone you love. So, whether that’s an overdue date night with your hubby or enjoying a girls’ night with your bestie, I definitely recommend trying out Home Chef’s new Culinary Collection menu options this Valentine’s Day.

I know Valentine’s Day can be a source of stress for some people – struggling to figure out the perfect plan and all of the details that entails. But hopefully this option alleviates that burden and takes the stress out of the holiday for you. At the end of the day, it’s just about focusing on quality time + appreciating those you love. That’s definitely how Michael and I will be spending the day. Thanks for reading and hope you have a great week!

This post was created in collaboration with Home Chef. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

xo Lauren

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