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Fitness + Health 4 years ago

3 running tips for beginners




spring is in the air and it’s one of my favorite times of year for running! there’s something so therapeutic about walking outside in the morning, ready to go for a run in the sun, after being bundled up in layers all winter long! one of the most commonly asked questions i get is related to running, specifically for beginners: “how can I become a runner?”. so today I wanted to share 3 simple tips if you are new to running and/or aspire to become more of a runner!


Tip #1: Shoes

having the right pair of running shoes can really make or break your running experience / journey. i think the #1 mistake people make when they try to get into running is just finding an old pair of tennis shoes in their closet, lacing up, and going outside to run. running is extremely high impact and a lot of pressure on your knees, hips etc. so it’s crucial you have a shoe that supports your body + works for how YOU run!

sharing below a few of my fave shoes for running!! in my experience, a good running shoe is hardly ever cute haha but y’all…i have found some unicorns of running shoes: so cute AND great for running! i ran 7 miles in these one day last week and they felt amazing. these shoes have a great supportive design and responsive cushioning. ff you’re in the market for a new pair of running shoes, definitely check these out.


Tip #2: Consistency + Persistency

if you’ve never run in your life, but woke up tomorrow morning and decided “i want to become a runner. i’m going to run a 5k next weekend”…i hate to be the bearer of bad news but that probably isn’t a realistic goal! no one just out of no where, without any training or conditioning can just wake up and run 5 miles one day. they key to becoming a runner is being consistent with running, over a long period of tine.

i remember when i first started running probably my sophomore or junior year of college. i remember the first time i ran 2 miles without stopping and i was SO excited! and now i’ve done marathons and tons of races but i started with HALF a mile! you’ve gotta start somewhere…and you’ve gotta be consistent with it. so, maybe set a goal for yourself like “i’m going to try and run (or run/walk) 3 days a week”. even if its just half a mile. even if you run/walk it instead of run the whole time. make yourself be consistent with those 3 days every week, and before you know it…you will slowly but surely be increasing your distance.

your legs will get stronger, your heart will get conditioned and you will run further. it just takes time, commitment, and consistency!

Tip #3: Set goals & track your progress

let’s go back to my ‘3 day a week’ example. instead of just going outside and saying “i’m just going to run and see what happens”, try setting a goal for yourself. (because chances are, you’ll start running and 3 minutes into it be tired haha). so maybe get an app on your phone (like Runkeeper) OR get a fitness tracker like the apple watch, so you can instead say “i’m going to run for 5 minutes without stopping, and then walk for 1 minute,” and then repeat that 3 times! (just as an example for a beginner runner). having a watch like this  will help you set a goal and stick with it, and will also help you see in the next few weeks and months how far you’ve come! soon you will be setting your watch to run for 8 minutes and walk for 1, and then just grow from there!

or, if the intervals confuse you…just set a timer on your watch and say “i am going to run/walk for 30 minutes.” in the beginning, you might only run 10% of that time and walk the rest. but what’s important is that you are moving and you are training your body. as you keep being consistent, you will notice those numbers start to shift…you’ll start running 50% and walking 50%, etc!



this time of year really is the perfect opportunity to get outside and move your body! my new activewear line, beige hour, has some great pieces to begin your runners wardrobe! like the sunrise performance shorts + hard things tank as well as the cropped sweatshirt for pre/post runs!

follow @beige.hour on instagram for inspiration + motivation as you begin your running journey!

xo Lauren

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