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Fitness + Health 4 years ago

10 grocery store staple items


Anytime I post a story about our grocery delivery or grocery shopping…you guys are always asking to see a grocery haul! Whole Foods is my go-to grocery store but occasionally I’ll switch it up for Trader Joe’s. We’ve really been loving Whole Foods right now though because you can get free grocery delivery through amazon prime and it’s so easy to use!


My grocery list obviously changes week to week based on what we’re cooking that week. But, I have a few staples that are ALWAYS on the list that we like to have on hand 24/7! Sharing 10 of those items with you guys today!


10 Grocery Store Staples I Can’t Live Without

  1. La Croix – fave flavors are peach pear, passionfruit, and mango! I’ve kind of wondered if there’s such a thing as too much La Croix haha I try and cut myself off with 2 a day, but it’s tough! Other sparkling waters we love: waterloo and Topo Chico!
  2. Spinach –  I grab a bag of spinach every single time I’m at the grocery store. I like to ‘sneak’ it into my meals to make getting greens in a little bit easier. I add spinach to my smoothies, egg scramble in the mornings, put it in my wraps, etc! I go through spinach a lot because I feel like it’s easy to add to your meals and so good for you!
  3. Avocado – Another item I try and add to as many meals or snacks as possible as a good healthy fat! My go-to breakfast lately has been avocado toast with an over easy egg and sautéed spinach and fruit! I also add avocado to my smoothies, chicken salad, or even eat it by itself as a snack, drizzled with some lemon juice, sea salt and pepper! (Or I’ll add Trader Joe’s ‘everything but the bagel’ seasoning on top!). Also, no matter what we are having for dinner, I almost always top it with avocado haha – chicken fajita bowls, turkey burgers etc!
  4. Bananas – I go through bananas so fast because I eat one every day before my workout! My go-to pre workout is half a banana with almond butter. Bananas are also one of those foods that just makes everything better – I top my cereal with it, yogurt and granola, peanut butter toast, etc! Shiloh loves them too!
  5. Almond butter – my two favorite almond butters are RX Bar vanilla nut butter and Julie’s Real cinnamon vanilla almond butter. Again, I go through almond butter very quickly because it’s my pre-workout snack, as well as something I snack on throughout the day (with apple slices or celery!). I also add this to my oatmeal as a great healthy fat option, and put it on Shiloh’s waffles or in her oatmeal as well!
  6. Skinnydip almonds – speaking of healthy fats…almonds are a great healthy fat snack aaaand I happen to love them dipped in dark chocolate haha. I’m obsessed with ALL of their flavors but currently loving this dark chocolate cocoa flavor. They are made with high quality + real ingredients!
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  7. Apples – Is anyone else loyal to a certain kind of apple? Pink lady is by far my favorite, but honeycrisp would be second if the store is out of pink lady that day! Pink lady has a little bit of tartness to it and they always taste so fresh and crisp! I love having apples on hand at all times because it’s such an easy snack grab on the go!
  8. Dave’s Killer Bread – this is my go-to bread for sandwiches or toast! 21 whole grains and seeds, no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and I love how it tastes! I also love that it’s packed with protein, fiber, and whole grains!
  9. Nutpod creamer – my favorite coffee creamer for years now! I love the french vanilla flavor best but honestly loved every flavor I have tried. It’s dairy free, whole30 approved, zero sugar, but still tastes so good and especially tastes great in my coffee!
  10. Brown rice cakes – this is actually a new one for me but something I’ve been loving buying for snacks! I love to top it with almond butter and banana, or avocado and seasoning. It’s an easy way to get some more carbs in throughout your day, and I love the crunch / saltiness of it for an afternoon snack!


What are some of your staple grocery store items? Or everyday hacks to sneak more greens in? Favorite snacks? Share below! Thanks for reading!

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xo Lauren

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