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Fashion 4 years ago

my favorite at home workout resources


One of the best things that has come out of 2020 for me thus far…has been learning to workout at home with minimal space and equipment, and LOVE it. Even now, all of our gyms are open again but for the most part, I still prefer to workout at home! I share a lot of my morning workouts on my instagram stories, but today I wanted to round-up my favorite workout platforms that allow you to workout from home (or the gym or anywhere!)

4 at home workout platforms I love

1. madeline moves app

I have raved about Madeline Moves hundreds of times. I started doing her workouts in March of April and it’s really the first time in my life I have consistently incorporated strength training into my workout routine and it’s made the BIGGEST difference in my body and mindset! I love her app because it’s literally like having a built in personal trainer in your phone. She loads the workouts for the week on Sunday (5 workouts per week) so you can plan out your week! Every week she has a lower body, upper body, chest / back, and then two full body days. I probably do 3 MM workouts every week.

2. peloton app

we got a Peloton bike back in March and I LOVE it. I had no idea though how much Peloton has to offer beyond just the bike. Whether you have the bike or not, you can get the peloton app and they have SO many on demand classes on there, that you can do from home! Strength training, yoga, running classes, stretching and more. I personally love their core classes and like to add that on after a Peloton ride or a run. They have other strength training classes too as well as a lot of ‘no equipment needed’ classes.

3. Obe fitness

I have also shared Obe with you guys TONS of times but this is an awesome monthly subscription with thousands of classes – HIIT, yoga, dance cardio, kickboxing and more. You can pull it up on your laptop or phone and get in an awesome 28 minute workout, right in your living room. I love how many different options they have on here.

4. Jill White fitness

a lot of you guys know, Jill White is my sister and she’s also a person trainer / fitness guru! She started a fitness program called ‘tone at home’ a few months ago which is 3 workouts at week (upper body, lower body, core / HIIT) and I LOVE her workouts! I love how at-home friendly these workouts are. They are also simple to follow but SUPER effective! She also provides motif actions for pretty much every workout if you’re not able to do the workout she suggests! Another cool thing about Jill’s workout program is she does weekly checkins with anyone who is signed up for her program. This gives you some accountability and motivation, just like having a personal trainer would!

4 #sweatwithlks workouts to target all muscle groups

For the last few months now I’ve been sharing workouts every wednesday so that all of you can join me in our journey towards our best physical and mental health! Here are a few of my favorites that, combined over the course of a week, will give you a killer full body burn!

chest + back rep count workout

This workout is a mental challenge just as much as it is physical! Focusing on counting your reps rather than tracking time, this upper body workout is sure to push you past your comfort zone. I love to add this workout on to the end of a cardio day or run!

30 min lower body dumbbell + mini band workout

Using dumbbells and mini-bands, this workout is low impact but it definitely brings you high results! If you need to modify, you can lose the weights and band and just use your body weight! I like to start the week with leg day so that by the weekend my legs no longer feel like jello and I’ve had some time to recover!

30 min killer core workout

So now that we’ve targeted arms and legs, it’s time to focus on your core! I loved this core workout SO much, and even days after I did it my abs were still aching if I laughed or sneezed haha!

20 min full body conditioning 

Last but not least, cardio! I always try to mix in an even amount of cardio and strength days into my workout routine! This workout is only 20 minutes, but don’t be fulled by the short time span! In this quick workout you’ll be shocked at how fast your heart rate goes up and you start sweating! Perfect to do if you’re in a time crunch or even on vacation! No equipment needed.

What are some of your favorite resources for working out at home? Are gyms open again where you live? I love the convenience of working out at home, so I hope you guys love some of these platforms / influencers as much as I have!
Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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