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Fitness + Health 4 years ago

7 days of at-home workouts!


Before quarantine began, I made it a goal of mine to add more strength and HIIT workouts into my weekly regimen! I’ve always been active and I really love running, but it wasn’t until I started incorporating weight training into my routine that I truly noticed results!


Lately I’ve been experimenting with so many different online classes while I’ve been working out at home and it has been so much fun to push myself mentally and physically. No matter what mindset I am in, I make it a point to turn on my favorite playlist, put on some activewear that makes me feel good, and start my day off with a heart pumping workout.

I have felt so empowered and I’ve gained so much strength! With all the workouts I’ve been posting in my stories, many of you have been asking me to share my routine, so that’s why I started creating my own Workout Wednesday posts on Instagram! Today I wanted to share a 7 day workout routine using a combination of all of the workouts I’ve put together for you guys. (I typically workout 5-6 days a week, but in case you want a week’s worth of workouts, this post can be a resource for you!). I promise if you try out this weekly plan you will be sweating, smiling and feeling on cloud nine in no time! And remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

Day One: Core Conditioning

Equipment: No equipment needed

This 20 minute ab workout will set your core on fire! A combination of ab focused cardio exercises with simple yet effective core movements, I loved everything about this fast and fun workout!

Form tip: Make sure when you’re going into your Side Plank Hip Dips you keep your forearm stacked beneath your shoulders.


Day Two: Lower Body Plyometrics

Equipment: No equipment needed

Do you know what plyometrics means? Don’t worry, I didn’t know until I recently either! Plyometrics is an exercise that involves jumping, and it makes leg day so fun! This 30 minute workout will have every major lower body muscle engaged and all you need to do is show up!

Form tip: Make sure when you’re completing your jump lunges you land gently and do not slam your knee into the ground. If you can’t jump, no worries – all of these exercises can be completed without any jumping!



Day Three: Upper Body Strength

Equipment: Moderate weights

This was one of my most requested workouts! Targeting your biceps, triceps and shoulders, this workout is focused on reps, not time. Make sure to push yourself as hard as you can to achieve your rep count. Don’t worry about doing it fast, just keep in mind proper form!

Form tip: When completing tricep exercises, such as Tricep Extensions or a Tricep Press, make sure to keep your elbows tucked into your sides to truly engage the appropriate muscle group!


Day Four: Full Body Cardio

Equipment: No equipment needed

I originally shared this workout on Earth Day for you to do outside, but you can really do it anywhere! This 25 minute workout is made up of bodyweight exercises that target all muscle groups and are designed to keep your heart rate up!

Form tip: If you can’t do this workout outside, swap the sprint back pedals for high-knee sprinters! Complete sprinters running forward and backward in as much space as you have in your house or apartment.


Day Five: Lower Body Strength

Equipment: Mini-band and sliders (paper plates or dish towels)

For this lower body strength workout, I added in a mini-band and some sliders to make it a little bit more challenging! This routine targets your glutes and your hamstrings and left me feeling SO sore in the best way!

Form tip: For the wall-sit finisher, make sure to keep your ankles beneath your knees and to sit at a full 90 degree angle! No matter what, don’t rest your hands on your thighs – it might feel good, but it’s actually making the movement easier!


Day Six: Upper Bodyweight Burnout

Equipment: Chair or table

If you think you need a gym to get in a good sweat session, this is the workout that will change your mind! Using only your bodyweight, this upper body burnout targets your shoulders, chest, triceps – basically your entire upper body all at once!

Form tip: If you can’t do push-ups on your toes, don’t sweat it! Drop down to your knees and focus on touching your chest to the ground and keeping your gaze straight ahead.


Day Seven: 15 Minute Core + Rest 

Equipment: No Equipment Needed

This workout might only be 15 minutes, but it will still challenge you mentally and physically! For this sweat session I put together 5 of my favorite ab exercises that are simple yet effective. All you need is a mat!

Remember, rest is just as important as the high intensity days. After you complete this core workout, take the remainder of the day to stretch and recover. I love foam rolling, taking an epsom salt bath, going on a walk with the family and practicing restorative yoga!

Form tip: When completing bear crawls, keep your knees only an inch off the ground and your shoulders over your wrists!



I will continue to share all of my workout videos on my Instagram, so make sure to follow along if you don’t already! I also want to know, what kind of workout do you want to see next? Do you like when I use weights, or are you all about some cardio and bodyweight workouts? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!


I can’t wait to hear your reviews of this 7 day plan! Workouts like this are my new favorite! I hope all of you have an amazing rest of your week! Don’t forget to tag me if you try any of these workouts!

xo Lauren

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