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faith + inspiration 2 years ago

What my morning 'quiet times' look like


If you follow me on instagram, you’re probably familiar with how I share Bible verses in the morning or excerpts from a devotional I’m reading. Recently I’ve gotten a lot of DM’s from you guys asking about what my “quiet times” or times with God look like in the morning. I’m definitely not an expert here and I think everyone’s time with God can look totally different! But, in case you’re wanting to start practicing a morning quiet time, or wanting to start spending more time with God…I want to share what that time looks like for me, to maybe give y’all some ideas!



I really try to start off every single day with at least 15 minutes alone with God (preferably 30! but depends on the day / how the baby sleeps haha). There are so many reasons WHY I like to / strive to start my days off saturating my mind with truth from God’s Word…but I’ll save that for another blog post!

My time with Jesus in the morning looks very simple. I wake up, make my coffee, and sit down in our living room or at my kitchen table with a Bible, a devotional, and a journal and pen. I try and not check my phone at all before or during these 30 minutes. I don’t turn music on, and I try and do this first thing in the morning before Michael and Shiloh are awake, to minimize any distractions!


My morning quiet times have looked differently for me during different seasons of life. But here’s what it looks like for me right now! Again, not saying this is the only way or the best way or the “right” way to spend time with God. It’s what is working for me / encouraging meĀ  / challenging me to grow right now!

First I read whatever day I’m on in my devotional (I’m currently reading Awaken by Priscilla Shirer. I’ve done a few blog posts sharing my favorite devotionals, or you can watch my ‘faith’ instagram story highlight!) This devotional gives a few scriptures that go along with the reading for that day. So I’ll open up my Bible and read the verses she mentioned in the devotional, and usually read the entire chapter around it. (For example, in the devotional that day if she talks about Isaiah 50:3, I will read all of Isaiah 50 that day). OR…a lot of times i’m working through a book of the Bible, so I’ll read whatever chapter is next in the book I’m reading (ie: James 3, or James 4). I have a wheat & honey co ESV Bible and love it!

After reading my devotional that day and my Bible, I either sit and pray /meditate about what I read that day, asking the Lord to help those truths really sink into my head and my heart, and help me apply those truths to my life. Or I journal and pray about those things / whatever else is on my heart that day. I’m currently using a leatherology journal and it’s been one of my favorites I’ve ever had!


Like I said, my morning time with Jesus can really look different depending on the day / what I’m going through. I think what’s important is that you are filling your mind with truth from God’s Word, talking to Him, telling Him what’s making you anxious or sad or what’s on your heart…and then having time to sit and listen. I have some mornings where I spend all morning reading chapters from Psalms because my heart just feels heavy or I feel distant from God and it’s so encouraging to be read how David felt during seasons like that.

I sometimes have mornings where I spend half an hour journaling everything that’s on my heart – pouring my heart out to God and laying it all down at His feet…reminding myself HE is in control and bigger than any problem I face.

When Shiloh was a newborn and not on a normal schedule, sometimes time with God looked like reading a passage from the first 5 app on my phone because that was all I had time for. But I still wanted to start off my day with truth! I have days even now where those 10 minutes reading that app (and the scriptures in the app) are my time with God for that day – if we are traveling or Shiloh woke up early, etc.

I think sometimes I can rely too much on devotionals or Christian books – which are WONDERFUL tools and have encouraged me in so many different seasons of life. But again, I think really digging into God’s Word is the #1 priority and the best way we can hear from Him and help our minds dwell on what is true. I’m working on this – spending more time reading God’s Word than reading books about God, if that makes sense!


Again, I don’t think there is any WRONG way to have a quiet time or spend time with Jesus. He sees your heart and that’s all that matters – that you are making an effort to connect with Him, get to know Him, let him know you and daily transform you more and more to be more like Jesus.

What are some of your favorite devotionals you have ever read? Do you have a morning routine or quiet time that you swear by? I’d love to hear any tips or favorites you have in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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