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Fitness + Health 6 months ago

home gym reveal


Hands down the most frequently asked question I get on instagram is “where is X from?” in our gym – whether that be our fans, weights, etc. So today I wanted to put together a blog post with links to EVERYTHING in our home gym, all in one place!


cardio equipment

No description needed for this one haha. I use our peloton bike at least 2-3x a week every single week and both Michael and I are OBSESSED WITH IT. I have drank the peloton kool-aid. It's worth all the hype and more. I love that they have such a wide variety of rides - everything from HIIT rides to beginner and more.

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We got this rower about 5 months ago and love it. It folds up into the wall so it doesn't take up any space and I also love how pretty it is. This rower specifically has an option to pay for a membership so you can do classes on here, but I personally just like to do the 'open row' on it. I mostly use this to warm up before a workout OR to do like interval training and throw a few cardio bursts into my strength training workout!

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We FINALLY got our peloton tread in after months of waiting and I LOVE IT. I have run on A LOT of treadmills and this is definitely one of my all time favorites. I love the nobs on the side so you can easily increase speed or incline. But the best thing about the peloton tread is the peloton tread bootcamp classes or runs you can do on here. I love these classes so much - they're such great workouts I can do from home and have really improved my running.

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strength + resistance training equipment

All of our strength and resistance training equipment is linked below!



Also side note – these sneakers are SO FREAKIN GOOD Y’ALL. Like it’s not very often I find a new shoe that I AM IN LOVE WITH and I cannot rave enough about these shoes. I LOVE how they look – so unique but still athletic. And they are insanely comfortable and great for strength training or HIIT workouts.

home gym essentials

My go-to mat for at home workouts or when I go to a Corepower Yoga class! It has lasted me for years and doesn't slip and slide around.

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I have been shocked how many DM's I've gotten about the fans in our home gym haha so wanted to share the link for y'all here!

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I have also gotten a TON of questions about what floor we used in our home gym. This was a major argument between me and Michael lol because he wanted rubber (ugly) floors and I wanted something pretty. So (I kind of won haha) but we got these floors┬ábecause it’s a flexible vinyl surface that’s bonded to a 5mm rubber pad. So it’s still very functional for a gym, but still looks pretty!

Okay I think that covers everything! Let me know if there are any other home gym products I missed and I can answer you in the comments below. We LOVE having this space in our house to workout – it makes working out that much easier when you can just walk downstairs to get a quick workout in. It’s taken us several years to acquire all of our home gym equipment but its as been more than worth the investment!

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xo Lauren

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