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Fitness + Health 2 years ago

my favorite workout apps + current routine


I’ve gotten a lot of DM’s recently about what my current workout routine is – when I do strength training, if I still run etc. If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen I like to do a lot of different things – from peloton rides to Corepower Yoga, going for walks, strength training etc. So today I wanted to round up all of my favorite workout resources / apps / studios in one place for you guys, as well as share what my current workout routine looks like!

Just a heads up though – I do not think there is a ‘one size fits all’ workout routine! I’m not saying my workout routine is the best one or the end all be all haha. This is just what I’m enjoying right now and what’s working for me!


fave workout resources for at-home workouts

We have a home gym and I’d say 75% of the time…I love / prefer to workout at home. It’s convenient, less distractions, takes less time. These are my favorite workout apps / resources I use to workout at home!

  1. Moves app by Madeline Moves – definitely the workout app / resource I use the most for at home workouts. I started doing MM workouts in March of 2020 and have done them consistently ever since. If you sign up for her program you get 5 workouts per week – lower body, upper body, cardio conditioning, back/chest, and full body. These are the workouts that really introduced me to strength training. I knew I needed to lift weights but had no clue where to start and her app makes lifting weights so doable / approachable but also fun. I enjoy these workouts so much and have LOVED seeing my body get stronger over the past two years. You can do all of the workouts from home with very minimal equipment!
  2. Peloton – we have the peloton bike and peloton tread and they were both the best investment ever for our home gym. But I’m also obsessed with the peloton app (even if you don’t have the bike or tread!). The peloton app has SO many great classes on there from yoga to core classes, strength and more. I love being able to pull up a class on my phone or laptop and it feels just like you’re in a studio working out with an instructor! And then the bike / tread I feel like need no explanation haha…such a great way to get cardio in and all of the peloton classes are SO fun. I really love the bike and tread bootcamps – you do part of the class on the bike (or tread) and part of it on the floor with weights! So it’s kind of like cardio + strength all in one!
  3. Melissa Wood Health – I freaking love these workouts so much and I never thought I’d love more ‘gentle’ workouts like this. They’re kind of a mix of yoga and pilates, most of the classes are less than 30 minutes but will leave you SO SORE. Almost all of her workouts are pre/post-natal friendly but work your core, your glutes…everything. Her workouts are specifically to help you sculpt long lean lines. Melissa also has such a calming / soothing voice & energy and I feel so much peace after doing her workouts! You can do almost all of the workouts of from home with no equipment! These workouts are also low impact and something you can do every single day to get some movement in.



fitness studios I’m loving

  1. Corepower Yoga – I am absolutely obsessed with the yoga sculpt class at Corepower Yoga. it’s heated, you use weights, but it’s also low impact and restorative and allows you to stretch out your muscles. I feel so strong and also so much peace at the end of these workouts. Your entire body – shoulders, glutes, core, biceps, triceps, will feel so sore after each class in the best way. Michael comes with me too and he’s also obsessed! The energy is so fun, the class is an hour long but always FLIES by! I wish there was a CPY closer to my house because I think I’d go like 5 days a week haha
  2. F45 – F45 is a fitness studio with locations nationwide that focuses on functional strength training. It’s actually VERY similar to Madeline Moves workouts but…in a class format haha. So I joined F45 when I was in a rut with at home workouts and just felt unmotivated, specifically with weight training. F45 is similar to MM in that it has upper body day, lower body day, cardio day, full body, etc. The classes are all just under 45mins but you get in there, you work hard for 40ish minutes, and you’re done! I love the cardio / full body days at F45 because you’re getting cardio in while also working on muscle tone – with exercises like squat jumps or battle ropes etc. It’s a super effective way to train and I really enjoy it when I’m not feeling motivated enough to do weights at home alone haha.



my current routine

Right now I’m really trying to focus on strength training, yoga, with maybe 1 or 2 cardio days mixed in per week. I’ve found this combination for me 1) gives me the best results with muscle tone + strength 2) is good for my stress levels (too much cardio is not great for my cortisol levels or hormones) and 3) is fun + enjoyable for me! Not every week looks the exact same but here’s what a usual workout routine will look like for me:

Monday – Corepower Yoga sculpt

Tuesday – Moves app upper body workout

Wednesday – Moves app cardio conditioning workout (this is still strength-training-focused vs a treadmill type of cardio) OR I’ll go to F45 for their cardio conditioning workout (depending on how I’m feeling – if I want to workout at home or go to a class)

Thursday – rest day. Go for a walk or maybe do like a 12minute Melissa Wood Health gentle flow / stretch

Friday – Moves app full body workout (or F45 full body day – again, depending on if I want to workout at home or be in a class. depends on my mood haha)

Saturday – go for a run, or do a peloton tread bootcamp class, or a peloton ride! This is like my straight up cardio day for the week.

Sunday – rest day. Go for a walk, maybe a bike ride with the fam!

I love this routine because it incorporates a lot of strength training but still has some cardio and yoga mixed in as well! It’s fun for me, keeps me from getting bored, allows me to workout at home or in a class, and like I said…I think delivers really good results if you’re wanting to focus on muscle tone and strength (and endurance as well!).


I think that should about cover it but let me know if I can answer any other questions for y’all! What workout apps or classes are you loving right now? Share in the comments below!


xo Lauren

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