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Fitness + Health 2 years ago

10 random things i'm loving - health & wellness edition



Figured we were long overdue for a 10 random things blog post (where I regularly share 10 RANDOM things i’m loving). Today I wanted to make this a FITNESS edition because there are SO many new wellness products in my life I have been loving! So let’s jump in!

  1. Cymbiotika supplements – I’m sure you have heard about cymbiotika all over the gram but about a month ago I decided to splurge on a few supplements and see if they were worth the hype and omg I am now addicted and want everything haha. I personally started with the magnesium L-threonate, activated charcoal, and liquid gold / shialajit. It can be kind of overwhelming knowing where to start or what to take but their website really breaks it down for you – whether you’re looking for help with gut health or stress management or fitness performance etc. One of the reasons why I love these products so much is they come in these little packs that are super easy to throw in your bag on the go and just squeeze in your mouth (so, the ones I take are not pills) and they taste freaking delicious haha. The magnesium L-threonate is probably my favorite because it helps to boost brain power, balances your mood + calms the nervous system, and improves memory. This one supplement can help improve brain health, fitness, and stress relief.

2. Athletic Greens – another product you’ve probably heard about all over the internet. I’d been wanting to try it forever but it’s not cheap ha so I decided “okay I will splurge this one time and see if it’s worth the hype”. Since I bought it two months ago I legit have not missed ONE day because I love it SO much. I drink it first thing every morning on an empty stomach (which helps me to delay my caffeine a little in the morning / something else i’m working on). You put one scoop in your water and try and drink on an empty stomach for optimal absorption. I personally love the taste and love that you are getting SO MANY vitamins + minerals + nutrients in one supplement! I know it can be so overwhelming knowing which supplements to take so if you feel that way…try athletic greens. It covers so many of your essential vitamins + nutrients and it’s super easy to take just one scoop every single morning (and you’ll get your multivitamin with this, your probiotic, prebiotic, vitamin c, zinc etc!)

3. Acid-kicking coffee alkalizer (in vanilla) – I started putting this in my coffee about a month ago and now can’t go a day without it. First of all, the vanilla flavor is delicious and makes my coffee taste like an at-home vanilla latte haha. But the real reason why i started taking this is because coffee is highly acidic which can drain your body of the minerals it needs for peak mental and physical performance. So this product helps to neutralize those acids. It also has premium keto fats in it like MCT & coconut oils that accelerate fat-burning and keep you focused all day! Tons of health benefits in this one product that you just scoop into your coffee (and enjoy the yummiest flavor ever haha).


4. CURE hydration I switched from drinking liquid IV to CURE about two months ago and never looked back! I liked how liquid IV tasted but it was packed with sugar and other artificial ingredients. Cure is a hydrating electrolyte mix with no added sugar but tastes DELICIOUS! It’s made with coconut water and pink Himalayan salt so it’s super effective in getting you hydrated and replenishing electrolytes! My CURE code is LAURENKAY and i think that gets you 20% off! This is especially important in the summer when we’re all sweating a ton + I drink it after every workout!

5. Just Thrive probiotic + just calm – I have been taking the just thrive probiotic for about 2 months now and after doing tons of research on probiotics…I landed on this one for a few reasons. I will try and be brief lol but it’s 100% spore based and contains the proprietary strain, Bacillus Indicus HU36®, which produces antioxidants directly in the digestive system where they can be best absorbed by your body. I noticed results after taking this probiotic for just 3 or 4 days – helped with my irregular bowel movements, and also calmed gastrointestinal issues. So, I LOVE the probiotic and they just launched a new product called ‘just calm‘ that i’ve been taking for a week now. [I take just calm on an empty stomach, and then take the probiotic with a meal]. The two products work synergistically together for the gut-brain connection and I swear by them! I have seen a huge difference in my overall mood and sleep. Just calm targets stress, concentration, sleep, and mood. Features the proprietary BL 1714™ that drives healthy cortisol levels, cognition, and easy stress management! Y’all can use code LKS15 for 15% off the just thrive website!

6. Lillie Eats & Tells “the shake” – something else I’ve posted on instagram almost every night this week lol. You guys know I have a MAJOR sweet tooth – I have dessert every single night! Some nights it’s blue bell ice cream or a dairy queen blizzard but…when I’m wanting something sweet but maybe slightly more nutritious / protein-filled, I make this shake. It is SO filling, you’re getting a ton of protein in and it tastes freaking delicious! I literally look forward to it every single night haha.




7. Melissa Wood Health guided meditations – I feel like every human on the planet has said how meditation changed their lives. Being a Christian, I’ve always had mixed thoughts about meditation. Like how does that coincide with prayer and scripture? But this week I decided to give it a try because my anxiety has been at an all time high recently. Melissa has tons of guided meditations in her app – so I started with ones that are only 5 minutes. And I gotta say something about it….just being still, being present in your body and with you breath…and truly is powerful in helping you ground yourself before you go. So, I still spend time in the Word and in prayer…and then i spend 5-10 minutes meditating and it’s been really helpful.

8. Madeline Moves tighter together – obviously I have been a HUGE fan of MM workouts for about two years now. I signed up for this summer’s tighter together and have been LOVING the workouts! They are fun yet challenging and I’ve never felt stronger! The program gives you 6 workouts per week but I’d say I’ve been doing like 4 per week and then I’ll maybe go for a peloton ride or do a yoga class the other two days. But this has definitely been my favorite tighter together I’ve ever participated in.

9. 40oz hydro flask in pineapple – file this under things I definitely did not need haha but I just got this new hydro flask and i’m obsessed. The color is SO cute and i put a neon pink boot on it to make it even cuter. I love that you can close the lid and it won’t spill in your bag (unlike the stanley) and it keeps my water ICE cold even when I’m laying out by the pool in 100 degree heat!

10. Free people seamless bra – this is the bra I’m wearing in these photos and it is SO insanely comfortable. Most seamless bras though I feel like don’t serve much of a purpose haha but this one is actually supportive and great for almost any workout. I wouldn’t run in it but I’ve done peloton rides in it, yoga, and strength training and it was perfect! And it’s only $30! I bought in two colors!


Wow that was a lot of words haha but I could honestly go on – I love to talk fitness + wellness and share new finds with y’all! Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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