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Family 1 year ago

our most used baby products at 6 months!

At the beginning of the year, I shared a roundup of my favorite baby products. We still love SO many of those products, but now that Shiloh is a little over 6 months old, we have a lot of new favorites I wanted to share with y’all today!

Click on any image in the collage below to shop our faves! [a few items can’t be linked in the collage, but everything is linked below/throughout the post!]


Honest Body Lotion | Tiered Dress | Honest Diapers | Woolino Sleep Sack | ‘If I Were a Bunny’  Striped Romper | Freddie the Firefly | Wunderkin Co Bow | Sophie the Giraffe | Hatch Rest | Baby Bjorn Bouncer | Honest Body Wash | Uppa Baby Car Seat | Baby Shusher | Ruffle Romper


Woolino Sleep Sack

We transitioned Shiloh out of the swaddle around 4 months old. We didn’t do any of the Merlin Magic Sleep suits or any of the “in between” swaddle things that can help transition. Nothing wrong with that, I just didn’t want to have to transfer to another crutch that we’d then have to transition out of in a few months. SO we went straight to the sleep sack and LOVE the woolino sleep sack! You can read more info about it on their site but there’s actually alot of science behind wool helping regulate baby’s body temperature to help them get the best night’s sleep. We have 2 or 3 of them so we can wash them / change them out regularly and I’ve never tried anything else, because we love these so much.

Freddie the Firefly

I recently asked you guys on instagram stories for your top toy recommendations for 6 month olds, and SO many of you recommended Lamaze toys! Shiloh loves this little firefly because of the crinkly sounds his wings make, there’s also a teether on it, a little mirror…so much to keep her entertained. We clip it onto her carseat or stroller or just bring it to restaurants. She loves it!

Sophie the Giraffe

This is another one that so many of y’all recommended. This little giraffe is a great teething toy for babies, and Shiloh also just likes to hold onto her / look at her because of the contrasting color with the giraffe spots. The toy also squeaks so beware…your dog will think its his toy haha. This is another great one to always bring with you to church or restaurants! Shiloh loves chewing on her feet.

Honest DiapersHonest Shampoo + Body Wash | Honest Lotion

I get a lot of questions about what body wash / lotion or diapers we use for Shiloh. We have been using all Honest products almost since day 1 and I LOVE their stuff. Every now and then I’ll use another brand of diapers if we’re at a friend’s house or the doctor’s office…and they DO NOT compare to honest diapers! Shiloh has never leaked through an Honest diaper or had any blowouts. They hold everything in so well…and they’re honestly just adorable lol.

I also love their body wash and lotion products. They are all hypoallergenic and made without sulfates or parabens. She’s never had any skin issues – never had a rash, and her skin is always very hydrated and so soft.


Uppa Baby Car Seat + Stroller

I’ve written about the uppa baby car seat and stroller a few times, so I won’t go into a ton of detail here. But, this is one of our all time top baby purchases, since day 1. I LOVE how easy it is to just clip the car seat right onto the stroller. I love that this stroller has awesome storage for when we’re shopping. The quality is amazing, and the stroller grows with the baby. So, they can go from the bassinet, to the car seat, to the toddler seat. This stroller can also convert to a double stroller when baby number two comes along. It’s definitely expensive, but in our experience it has been worth every penny.

Other favorite baby products at the moment:

Peek-a-boo Forest

Baby Bjorn Bouncer

Hatch Rest

Baby Shusher Soother

If I Were a Bunny

Thanks to everyone who has sent me their recommendations on things! It’s been so helpful as we learn to navigate what works for Shiloh and what doesn’t! If you have a baby around 6 months old, comment below with any of your must-haves or favorite toys! Thanks for reading!

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xo Lauren

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