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Home + Family 4 years ago

what we've bought & loved for shiloh at 18 months


I’m not gonna lie. My amazon purchases have probably hit an all time high during this quarantine lol but not necessarily things I’ve bought for myself…we’ve bought a TON of new stuff for Shiloh since we are spending all of our time at home right now! So today I wanted to round up some of our favorite things we’ve gotten for her recently!

You can click / tap on any product in the collage below to shop!


Just a few callouts from the collage above!

  1. Hand & face baby wipes – we’ve used these for months now and always have them on hand. This is what we use to clean Shiloh up with after mealtime (they are alot gentler on her skin than using a paper towel). They’re also great to have with you in your tote because babies / toddlers just get messy haha so it’s a quick and easy way to clean them up. They are gentle and moisturizing for baby’s skin!
  2. Baby necklace – as you’ve probably seen on my stories, Shiloh is obsessed with necklaces right now! The first thing she says when I get her out of her crib in the morning is “neh neh!” wanting me to put her necklace on her haha. So if your baby is the same way, she will love this one.
  3. Spike the fine motor hedgehog – I got this little guy to put in Shiloh’s easter basket and she LOVES it! I wasn’t sure if she was quite old enough for it yet but she is SO good at it! She puts all of his spikes back in the holes and then claps for herself haha. This toy is great for developing fine motor skills and also helping toddlers learn numbers and colors!
  4. Nesting dolls – another simple toy that keeps Shiloh entertained for a LONG time and also helps with fine motor skills! These are also a good one to throw in your tote if you’re needing entertainment on the go!
  5. Shark bath squirt toys – Shiloh is obsessed with these baby sharks both in and out of the bath! She calls them her “babies” haha and like I mentioned…plays with them during bathtime or just throughout the day! She likes to bring them in the stroller when we go on walks
  6. Baby jungle gym – unfortunately during this quarantine, we are in a rental townhome that doesn’t have a yard! So we bought this little jungle gym for shiloh’s playroom and it’s been awesome! Helps get her moving even if iwe’re inside and has provided a lot of entertainment!

We also just got Shiloh this adorable grocery cart and it’s been such a hit! It opens up and she likes to put her babies in there…and it also makes noises when she pushes it! BTW she had just eaten a bunch of blueberries in the photo above where her mouth is blue haha just in case you were wondering!

Have you gotten your toddler anything that’s been a major hit during quarantine? Or any activities that have been your favorite? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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xo Lauren

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