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Family 5 months ago

must-have baby essentials: birth to 1 year!



Yesterday on instagram I asked you guys what type of posts you want to see more of in 2020 and SO many of you requested more baby content! I’m so excited to share with you guys that you can actually shop ALL of our baby essentials in one place now on Walmart’s website! I put items on there that we used when Shiloh was a newborn, when she was 6 months, and what we still use now! On that page you’ll find one of our favorite swaddles we used when Shiloh was teeny, the sound machine we’ve used since Shiloh was born and still use, and tons more! I thought it would be fun today to break down our top 3 baby items by stage…for any mamas out there, or if you are shopping for a niece / nephew or a friend who just had a baby! We have way more than 3 essentials for each stage haha but again you can find all of my favorites on Walmart’s website at this link!

Baby Favorites: 0-3 months

  1. We got this smart changing pad & scale and absolutely LOVE it! I breastfed Shiloh for the first year and in those very early stages…I was always worried about how much she was actually getting. I don’t think the scale is necessarily 100% fool proof, but it certainly gave me peace of mind, having the ability to weigh her before and after a feeding! I also liked having a scale to weigh Shiloh on at home so I could track her weight gain. Also, I just love how this changing table looks in her nursery! It looks really clean and it’s so easy to wipe down and keep clean!
  2. We used our dockatot ALL the time in the newborn stage! It was so nice being able to just carry that thing around the house and lay Shiloh down anywhere! She also took naps in this when she was newborn! Must-have for us for sure.
  3. The nosefrida is another essential for us and we STILL use it on Shiloh! This is the easiest / most effective way to get all the snot out of your baby’s nose…and Shiloh has never seemed to mind it at all!




Baby favorites: 3-6 months

  1. Sophie the Giraffe was Shiloh’s favorite teething toy for months! It’s also a really easy toy to just throw in your diaper bag when you’re on the go, and she squeaks and the contrasting colors are interesting to babies at this stage! So it’s great for teething and providing entertainment!
  2. We tried out lots of different bottles and Comotomo ended up being Shiloh’s favorite! Every baby is different so you have to find what works for you…but I’ve talked to hundreds of moms who also said Comotomo worked best for them as well!
  3. Shiloh LOVED this kick & play mat for months! It’s great for tummy time too. Or when they’re on their back they can kick the piano and it makes noise. Shiloh was entertained by this for huge chunks of time! My sister has this now for her 5 month old and she also loves it.

Baby favorites: 6-9 months

  1. Books books books! Starting around 6 months Shiloh became obsessed with books and their also the easiest toys to take on the go! Pout Pout Fish is one of her favorites!
  2. If you are nursing, the Spectra breast pump was my absolute favorite and I tried out about 3 or 4 different pumps haha. It’s really easy to travel with, you can walk around the house with it, and it was very efficient! I liked this way more than the Medela!
  3. I started using our jogging stroller when Shiloh was 6 months and really like the BOB! I borrowed it from one of my friends and it is super easy to run with, turns well, and Shiloh always seems really comfortable in it!




Baby essentials: 9-12 months

  1. Shiloh LOVES this sit-to-stand learning walker! She loses interest in a lot of her toys after a month or so…but this one has held her interest for months now! She likes to walk with it, press all the buttons, dances to the music, etc. One of our most frequently used toys for sure!
  2. The Uppababy Stroller was one of our best baby purchases, from infancy to today! The quality of this stroller is amazing and it’s really easy to fold up and put in the car. I love that it has storage underneath so I can put my purse or shopping bags in there, and it’s also great for our everyday walks around the neighborhood. If you’re looking for a quality stroller that will last forever, this is the one!
  3. This is the sound machine we’ve used since Shiloh was born and we still love it! I did sleep training with Shiloh and heard that a really loud sound machine actually helps sooth a baby and helps them sleep. And this sound machine can get really loud! It also has a nightlight on it, and it’s bluetooth so you can control it with your phone!



We have become major Walmart regulars since having a baby. I love that we can make a Walmart run to grab diapers and wipes, a new toy for Shiloh, shop for a jogging stroller, get something for the nursery, etc. You literally can find ALL of your baby essentials in one place! If you’re curious on more of our favorites for Shiloh, definitely check out my shop page on the Walmart site here!

Do you have a baby around Shiloh’s age!? I’d love to hear some of your must-have baby items in the comments below! You guys always have the best suggestions and I love learning from other mamas! Thanks for reading!

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

xo Lauren

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