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Lifestyle 3 years ago

just a quick life update


happy friday friends! i say all the time how thankful I am for this community we have built here – on my blog and instagram. i really do feel like we are all girlfriends just doing life together! so today I kind of just wanted to chat with you guys and share a quick life update with what’s going on with the sims family!


house update

most of y’all know we have been building a house for….maybe 15 months now? i can’t even remember haha. but we are actually hoping to be moving in by middle of march! my birthday is march 16th so I’m definitely hoping that we are in by my birthday!

we are legitimately busting out at the seams of our current rental haha. i think building a house always requires a lot of patience but it definitely has in our situation because…this townhome ALWAYS seems to be a wreck just because we are so out of space. my office is also our gym which is also our mud room slash storage unit right now lol. we didn’t get a storage unit when we moved from boulder back to dallas so…everything is being stored in our garage and SOMEWHERE crammed in this townhome (including the elevator LOL). so, needless to say, we are SO ready to be in the new house! i cannot wait 1) to have more space and a clean space and 2) to have friends and family over all the time! this townhome isn’t very conducive to hosting because of the size, all the stairs (for babies), and the parking situation so we’ve really missed hosting over the last year.

I am also so excited to be working with neat method in our new house to help me organize my closet, our pantry + kitchen, and my office! not only will they be helping organize but (what I REALLY need help with)…is coming up with systems to help us keep everything organized! I’ll be sharing more of that process with you guys as well!

new for LKS brand

on a professional level…I have so many things on the horizon that I am pumped about for 2021. currently working with some very talented people on a rebrand and some website upgrades! those should be launched and ready for y’all hopefully by april!

ALSO I am SO excited that I will be launching product for you guys in 2021!!! can’t really say what kind of product or with who quite yet. but, this has been a dream of mine for years and I absolutely cannot wait to take you guys along for the ride! I think y’all will LOVE IT so much!!!

another thing I’m excited about for my blog / brand is…for the time being I’ve actually decided to just do 3 blog posts a week! my entire blogging career (starting in 2014), i’ve always done 4-5 blog posts a week. i love my blog and definitely feel like it’s my ‘baby’ and i invest so much time and energy into it…but, i feel like over the last few years, people go to blogs for different reasons now. you don’t have to come to my blog to shop my outfits anymore thanks to the app, swipe-ups etc. after getting some feedback from you guys…i think y’all come to my blog to mostly read 1) personal life updates + stories and 2) product reviews. so, of course i will still be mixing in shopping round-ups and sales on my blog here and there…but i really want to focus on quality blog posts vs quantity! so you might have noticed in the last week or 2, we’ve done less blog posts…but more lengthy and detailed! (like my self tanner review or workout shoe roundup!). would love your feedback on that though, like always! please let me know (via blog comments, IG comments or DMs!) what you really enjoy seeing on my blog specifically!


personal + family life

shiloh is a little over two years old now and we are simultaneously obsessed with this stage, and also 100% into the terrible twos haha. she has SO much personality, lots of opinions, and lots of emotions! sometimes michael and i look at each other and just say “she is so cute i could just explode right now”. she goes to MDO two days a week (9-2), loves her friends and teachers…and she also just started doing gymnastics and swimming lessons, both one day a week! and she loves both of those so much!

i am actually heading to the beach next weekend with my mom and sister and on a scale of 1-10, my excitement level is probably a 23 haha. you guys know how much I love my family and see them pretty often. but usually when we all get together there are like 25 of us with screaming kids and it’s just total chaos lol. i love it but…it can make it challenging to really get to connect with each other 1 on 1. so i am beyond excited for some girl time in one of my favorite places on earth! if you happen to be heading to the beach anytime soon, i will be sharing swimwear + spring dresses etc to hopefully help give you some inspo & make packing easier!

fertility update

and for the update you have probably all been waiting for haha. I shared in this blog post that we have been struggling with infertility for a little over a year now. which, i know probably seems crazy since we already have a baby! but, this blog post kind of explains it all [basically, shiloh is a major miracle baby and we are so thankful]. we spent the majority of 2020 doing fertility treatments and tbh…it was very, very challenging – emotionally, physically, and relationally. we were gearing up to start a round of IVF in january (like had all the medication ready to go) and, i can’t explain it but…i just didn’t have a peace about it. and the more michael and i chatted about it together and prayed, we decided to press pause on fertility treatments right now. we are taking some time to focus on our marriage and both focus on our health. we are both working with specialists to work on our health and fertility and praying for a little miracle hopefully soon.

we are definitely not opposed to IVF and very well might go that route in the next few months (or down the road) but for now…we’re just doing what feels right for us and our family! taking things 1 day at a time and seeing where the Lord leads us next.

Okay wow this post ended up being way longer than I anticipated! I feel like I just wrote a novel of a journal entry haha so if you made it this far…thank you! And really…thank you guys so much for being such a huge part of my life. Your DM’s, comments, encouraging words, prayers all mean more to me than you know!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

xo Lauren

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