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Lifestyle 2 weeks ago

gifts for the wellness lover

one of my favorite gift guides to do every year because these are all items i either own…

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Lifestyle 4 months ago

how pregnancy has changed my relationship with my body

every pregnancy is different. you can't compare your pregnancy to the person's next to you. just like you…

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Lifestyle 1 year ago

my daily supplements

in the past year i feel like i've gotten my supplement routine down to a T, and i…

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Fitness + Health 1 year ago

10 random things i'm loving - health & wellness edition

Figured we were long overdue for a 10 random things blog post (where I regularly share 10 RANDOM…

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Fitness + Health 2 years ago

my go-to health + wellness supplements

Hi friends! Last year in January I put together a blog post of all of my everyday supplements…

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Fashion 3 years ago

10 random things I'm loving

It's been a while since I've done one of my "10 random things" blog posts! I was doing…

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Fitness + Health 3 years ago

sweat with LKS

One of my favorite things that I've started doing during quarantine is creating workouts to share with ya'll…

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Fitness + Health 4 years ago

7 days of at-home workouts!

Before quarantine began, I made it a goal of mine to add more strength and HIIT workouts into…

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Fitness + Health 4 years ago

healthy from the inside out

The older I get the more I recognize how important it is prioritize my overall health and wellness!…

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Fashion 5 years ago

3 [non-food] steps towards healthier lifestyle

I don't know about you but I feel like my instagram feed right now is FULL of new…

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Fitness + Health 5 years ago

wellness wednesday: answering all apple watch questions!

Two blog posts in a row where I am answering my two most frequently asked questions haha! Last…

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Fitness + Health 6 years ago

FLY Anywhere review: flywheel at home!

Happy Friday friends! If you've been following me for a while, you know what a diehard Flywheel junky…

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